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  1. Online Gift Certificate

    Online Gift Certificate

    From $20.00
    Gift certificate that can be redeemed right here on our online store, anytime! Learn More
  2. In-store Gift Certificate

    In-store Gift Certificate

    From $20.00
    Not sure what your spirits fan already has? Want to give the gift of whiskey in our tasting room distillery store? Then the in-store gift certificate is just for you. We'll mail out a gift certificate to be used in our retail location on the distillery premises. Best of all, it's available in any denomination and is valid for any product, including bottles of alcohol (ID will be required at time of certificate use). IN STORE GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE MAILED USPS TO SAVE YOU THE SHIPPING COSTS. If you need your certificate expedited, please call our store and we will take your order over the phone and add the shipping charges. Learn More
  3. Gift Certificate- 1 bottle gin (in store only- INCLUDES TAX)

    Gift Certificate- 1 bottle gin (in store only- INCLUDES TAX)

    The crew bottling the first batch of Half Moon Orchard Gin. Click here to get a gift certificate and call to reserve a bottle from batch one. Learn More
  4. Rhubab bitters by Fee Bros

    Fee Brothers Rhubarb Bitters

    Since 1863, Fee Bros has been crafting premium bitters for the enjoyment of the multitudes. This Rhubarb bitters is a unique accoutrement to your bar, and makes a delectable drink. Wait, rhubarb bitters? Yes indeed folks, you won't find bitters like these at the corner store. Learn More
  5. ONE -BOTTLE Gift Certificate  (in-store only, INCLUDES TAX)

    ONE -BOTTLE Gift Certificate (in-store only, INCLUDES TAX)

    Gift Certificate for $44.28, the price of a bottle of one of our aged whiskies. To be redeemed on premises only. Learn More
  6. Moon-Shiners Manual

    Moon-Shiners Manual

    Originally published in 1976 The Moonshine Manual is a wonderful book if you live on a farm and can drive to town for a bag corn. Along with the typewriter the town Feed & Seed store have disappeared. Today there is a renaissance in micro-brewing and craft distilling. The principals of distilling described is this book are correct but the methods used by today's "urban" moonshiner have changed because every town in America has a home brew shop where he or she can take a home brewing class and buy his ingredients to make beer and moonshine. (Mostly yeast and sugar.) The techniques described in this book are not used by today's modern moonshiner because better how-to information (books) and equipment are readily available. It is estimated that there are 15,000 modern moonshiners in the USA and the industry is currently going through a renaissance. Learn More

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